How KIS Optimized Warehouse App's Efficiency


Inventory Management


  • Secure linking with cloud or on-premise enterprise software
  • Capacity to notify in advance
  • Easy label creation and cloud printing
  • Simple bill of lading from generation
  • Effortless control on merchandise


  • React Native

  • JavaScript

  • Firebase

About the Client

The Warehouse App is a user-friendly mobile platform that integrates with both cloud and on-premise enterprise software. It offers key warehouse operations, such as receiving, shipping, and inventory management, and includes features like lot tracking, label creation, and product lookup. Even during backend system downtime, the app ensures operational continuity for reliable supply chain efficiency.


Initial task evaluation

The client initially assigned the task of creating and printing labels to test our team's capabilities. Upon successfully completing this task, the client extended the project to include bulk label creation and printing, testing our ability to handle larger amounts of data efficiently.

Complex inventory management

Our team had to create a Finished Goods (FG) confirmation page to improve the client's inventory management process. This project required a thorough understanding of the client's operational flow and inventory tracking, which was challenging due to incomplete knowledge of the project scope and complexities within the existing system.

Technical and operational challenges

The team faced challenges in identifying and resolving problems as they were not familiar with the project workflow. These issues were further complicated by disorganized code, incorrect inventory counts and duplicate product labels.

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In-depth collaboration and code understanding

Our team organized several meetings with the client's developers to tackle the challenge of understanding the current system. This collaborative approach helped us understand the code structure and provide valuable input for developing effective solutions.

Inventory tracking enhancement

We proposed implementing a Bill of Lading (BOL) document system to address inventory management challenges. This solution simplified and improved inventory tracking, providing real-time updates on stock levels and movements, eliminating previous discrepancies in tracking and counting.

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Continuous engagement and development

The client gave our team several tasks, at first, to assess our efficiency and adherence to coding standards. After seeing the quality and professionalism of our work, they chose us as the primary developers for their mobile application. Impressed with the results, they expanded our responsibilities to include other projects as well. The project has now transitioned into an ongoing partnership, with the client frequently submitting bug reports and requesting updates for new features.

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