How KIS Enabled VideoInterVue Streamline their Hiring Process


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About the Client

VideoInterVue simplifies recruitment with a video interview platform, eliminating the need for in-person contact during hiring. Through a range of innovative features, it boosts efficiency by enabling virtual interviews, saving time and money compared to traditional methods.

The platform offers options for self-recorded, real-time, and event-based interviews, empowering companies to make more informed decisions when selecting candidates. It helps hiring managers and HR teams effectively screen and shortlist candidates precisely, providing deeper insights into their skills and suitability for the role.


Interview complexity

Developing a feature for one-way interviews would enable interviewers to send questions to candidates with a set number of attempts. This required designing a user-friendly interface for interview setup and clear instructions for candidates to record their answers within the attempt limits, ensuring only the final submission is saved. The challenge was maintaining a balance between ease of use and technical reliability to monitor attempts and handle submissions effectively.

Coordination issues

Finding a way to efficiently coordinate interviews was challenging, especially with the need for live video calls between interviewers and candidates. This was further complicated by scheduling conflicts across different time zones and technical issues that could affect the quality of the video interview.

Video storage and accessibility

Managing and storing interview videos for later review, sharing, and management was a complex task that required a robust backend infrastructure. This involved addressing issues related to efficient video data storage, ensuring convenient access for interviewers, and maintaining strict security measures to comply with privacy regulations for sensitive information.

Effective notification system

Creating a notification system that effectively alerts candidates about interview schedules, instructions, and portal signup details was challenging.

Our goal was to ensure high deliverability, clear communication, and prompt action from candidates while avoiding common pitfalls such as emails being marked as spam or candidates missing crucial information due to unclear instructions.



Integration of Twilio

To simplify the process of conducting one-way and real-time interviews, we integrated Twilio, a powerful third-party communication platform. This decision effectively tackled the technical complexities of recording videos and facilitating live interview sessions. With Twilio's infrastructure, we ensured high-quality video and audio transmission for a seamless interview experience.

Real-time interview enhancements

We added a new feature for real-time interviews that allowed both the interviewer and the candidate to be displayed on the same screen. This made the interview more interactive and engaging, simulating a face-to-face scenario and improving communication and assessment quality.

Candidate section

A section dedicated specifically to candidates was added to the portal. This dashboard acted as a personal hub for candidates, allowing them to easily access and review all their past interviews. The design focused on user-friendliness, ensuring that candidates could navigate their interviews effortlessly.

Ratings and review

The candidate dashboard now includes a feature allowing candidates to view their interview videos' reviews and ratings. This feature has proven valuable in providing feedback to candidates, helping them identify areas of improvement, and promoting an open and constructive feedback process between the interviewers and the candidates.


The application is now live and being used by real-time users, marking a major achievement in its development.

Web portal and mobile application

A crucial element contributing to the success of this application is the implementation of best UI and UX design practices. This focus on design excellence ensures that users have a seamless, intuitive, and engaging experience on both the web portal and the mobile application.

Technical and logistical challenges

Through the integration of Twilio, the portal overcame various technical and logistical challenges. These included video recording and live streaming issues, which were crucial for one-way and real-time interviews. Additionally, using Twilio's cloud storage solutions and a custom backend system helped efficiently manage and store large volumes of video content while maintaining easy access and organization.

Candidate engagement and feedback

The addition of a dedicated candidate section has greatly improved the user experience by providing candidates with valuable performance insights and creating a more engaging and interactive application process.

Thanks to these strategic implementations, the interview portal met the client's needs by providing a strong platform for conducting virtual interviews, managing content, and facilitating seamless communication between organizations and candidates.

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