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KIS Engineering Process

Geared towards building a successful product.

For that, we follow a process that works seamlessly in tandem with each other. That's because our approach is based on Agile and Scrum, which ensures smooth collaboration and super fast turnarounds. And, of course, we put security and stability at the top of our priorities, which is why we have DevOps baked into all our processes right from the start.

  • Discovery

    The first step is to thoroughly understand where you stand. This initial stage lays the groundwork for all future steps in our engagement model. This is where we walk through the project's feasibility, scope, budget, timelines and other necessary factors. This is where we create the vision and plan it for reality. Among other things it involves:

    • Feasibility assessment
    • Market and user analysis
    • Understanding business objectives
    • System architecture planning
    • Forming the team, arriving at milestones, etc.
    • Project sprint plan
  • Design

    Even as we plan and shape the project, our designers are hard at work, already brainstorming how your product will look and feel. This includes:

    • Understanding the core functionality desired
    • Validating designs
    • Conducting competitive analysis
    • Creating prototypes
    • Creating a customer-friendly UX design
  • Development & Testing

    This is where we execute the vision and your dream starts taking shape. Maximizing resources is our forte and for that we follow an agile approach. This allows us to be flexible and efficient and continuously deliver value. You get clean secure code, immaculate design, and a quickly scalable product. We leverage Agile and Scrum methodologies for maximum efficiency and quality as every piece of code undergoes several rounds of testing. This includes:

    • Risk management with DevOps integration
    • Continuous collaboration for ongoing enhancements
    • Rigorous testing including unit testing, integration testing, and user acceptance testing, among others
    • Constant reviewing until everything works perfectly
  • Deploy and Improve

    We see you through deployment and launch with a continuously monitored feedback loop. That requires 24/7 support which is both responsive and proactive. Your product is our priority at all times and we are right there with you through launch day and beyond with post-launch support. We give you:

    • Continued monitoring and enhancement support
    • Support to address issues and answer queries in real time. 
    • Extended code reviews to ensure airtight security
    • Periodic release of patches, updates, and new versions to fix bugs, improve performance, and add new features.

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