How KIS Optimized Digital Tattoo Forms' Studio Operations




  • Real-time access to clients and tattoo artists
  • Easy fill out forms
  • Digital waiting list form for crowded walk-in stores
  • The administrator can oversee several stores at once


  • iOS

  • Swift

  • HTML 5

  • CSS 3

About the Client

The Digital Tattoo Forms application is designed to simplify the release form procedure for tattoo and piercing parlors. It provides instant access to client and artist information, accommodates various studio locations, and facilitates prompt customer input with minimal paperwork and a digital waiting list for greater efficiency and transparency in client transactions.


iPad-specific optimization

The iPad-specific app required a unique design strategy to optimize its usability on the tablet's larger screen and interface. Rather than simply scaling up mobile designs, the team had to think of new approaches tailored specifically for the iPad to elevate the user experience for both studio owners and tattoo artists.

Complex PDF generation and distribution

The task involved creating two PDF files after the form was submitted: one with the form data and another with client contact details for promotional use. Both PDFs had to be sent to different Dropbox accounts - the form data to the studio owner's account and the contact information to the client's account. This posed a challenge in managing the creation, customization, and automatic distribution of various documents to specific cloud storage locations.

Advanced access control and security

Setting up unique access controls for tattoo artists and studio owners was challenging, as studio owners required access to artist accounts for monitoring purposes. This clashed with the usual security measures we use to protect the privacy of individual accounts. The main challenge was to develop a secure, multi-tiered passcode system without jeopardizing the security and confidentiality of each user's account.

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Tailored design process

The development team created initial designs and wireframes to tackle the iPad design challenges, focusing on the user experience. These early designs were then presented to the client for input, allowing for any extra needs or preferences to be taken into account. This collaborative approach achieved a user-friendly design that matched the client's vision, providing a personalized experience for iPad users.

PDF handling and Dropbox integration

The team implemented a dual strategy - one involved using a secure static token from the client's Dropbox account in the iOS app's section to protect PDFs for promotional offers. The other included integrating a Dropbox login feature exclusively for studio owners to automatically upload form data PDFs to their respective accounts. This ensured smooth and secure handling of data.

Enhanced security and access control

We implemented relational database structures in the application to resolve security issues from varying access levels for tattoo artists and studio owners. This enabled studio owners to securely access artist accounts using their passcodes. Connecting database tables ensured strong security measures while offering the required oversight tools for studio owners, resulting in a well-rounded and user-friendly system.

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Client satisfaction and continued collaboration

The client was highly pleased with the work quality and the punctuality of meeting deadlines. The app was a profitable venture for the client, who generated revenue by selling it to other tattoo and piercing studio owners. Their happiness with the first project paved the way for a long-term collaboration, with the client entrusting the development team with further improvements for the app.

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