How KIS Enabled Expert Choice Software Undergo a Strategic Transformation


Financial, HealthCare, Asset Management, Real Estate


  • Performance Metrics
  • Customizable Dashboard
  • Data Visualization
  • Data Analysis Tools


  • ASP .net

  • jQuery

  • HTML 5

  • CSS 3

  • JavaScript

About the Client

Expert Choice is a software and consulting service that uses the Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) to improve decision-making. It caters to a variety of industries, such as manufacturing, environmental management, shipbuilding, and agriculture and its strength is having a collaborative approach to enhance decision-making and improve business outcomes.

With its quantitative evaluation of different factors, Expert Choice enables organisations to prioritise effectively and make informed choices, leading to optimization and strategic success.


Revamp for modernization

Transform the software's design to be adaptable and user-friendly on various devices while migrating the front end to

Future-ready framework

Introduce a design that facilitates effortless updates and modifications, ensuring the software can be tailored for diverse future clients with minimal hassle.


Lack of documentation

The lack of detailed documentation posed a significant challenge in upgrading the application. Without clear guidance on the software's workflow, our team had to start from scratch and figure out crucial processes on our own, making the upgrade process more complex and challenging.

Outdated design and technology

One of the biggest challenges for this project was modernizing the outdated design and technology of the software. We needed to update it to a more efficient and up-to-date system while ensuring it aligned with their internal team's workflows and practices. We had to bridge the gap between legacy infrastructure and modern design standards to provide a smooth development and team adaptation transition.

Changes in requirements

During the project, the client changed their requirements at short notice and requested a user interface that could easily adapt to future customers. This posed a critical challenge, as any changes in these sections would impact the entire interface and all controls. The team had to pivot their design approach to ensure future scalability and easy customization, making the development process more complex and adding more layers to the project's scope.



Transition to structured design process

The goal was clear: transforming Expert Choice's software into a modern, scalable platform without losing sight of the rich functionality.

To achieve this, we adopted a more structured design process, which involved the following steps:

  • Wireframe development: Instead of moving straight into coding, we first created wireframes to outline the new design visually.

  • Design prototyping: These wireframes were transformed into detailed design prototypes.

  • Client approval:The prototypes were shared with the client for feedback and approval to ensure alignment with their vision.

  • Development phase: Only after approval were the designs converted into HTML, followed by development using, jQuery, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and DevExpress. This approach minimized rework and guaranteed that the final product met both client expectations and modern UX standards.


Improving project management through DevOps

The client was relying on Excel spreadsheets to track tasks and issues. To address the limitations that come with such a method the KIS team implemented DevOps. This enabled:

  • Clearer task definition
  • Improved tracking
  • Enhanced communication ensures that everyone stays informed about the project's status

Optimizing code with SASS

We undertook a major CSS overhaul to resolve the problem of inconsistent and cluttered code. Our approach involved removing all inline styles and implementing SASS for a more structured and manageable codebase. We also created centralized styling areas in the stylesheet to ensure that any changes made in one place would reflect throughout the application, resulting in optimized and efficient code.

User experience improvement

Our team implemented the latest UX trends and created style guides to enhance the application's user experience. These efforts resulted in a consistent look and feel throughout the platform and ensured compliance with modern UX design standards, increasing user engagement and satisfaction.

How we did it

Methodical design process

The phased approach to design and development has garnered positive feedback, emphasizing the importance of planning and collaboration with clients.

Streamlined project management

Utilizing DevOps for efficient task and issue management enabled swift responses to user feedback.

Code enhancement

Transitioning to a SASS-based structure has enhanced visual appeal and performance, making future updates easier.

Improved user experience

Embracing the latest UX trends and maintaining consistency through style guides has been validated by user feedback, driving ongoing improvement.


The latest version of the Comparion AHP software has been rolled out and is currently undergoing real-user testing to assess performance. This milestone represents a significant advancement in overcoming project challenges through targeted solutions.

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