How KIS Helped Track'em Enhance their Project Management


Inventory & Asset Management


  • Inventory And Materials Management
  • Accessibility
  • Location Tracking
  • Mapping Technology


  • ASP .net

  • Angular 7

  • SQL Server

About the Client

Track'em is a software solution specializing in optimizing productivity and reducing waste in the mining and oil & gas sectors. With a cloud-based tracking platform, Track'em effectively manages assets, workforce, and materials using barcode, RFID, and GPS technology. Their Time module is specifically designed to simplify the planning, recording, reviewing, and approval of blue-collar workers' time and tasks, resulting in major cost savings and improved project efficiency.


Lack of documentation

The client's lack of documentation made it difficult to fully understand the project requirements, particularly due to the interconnectivity between multiple projects. This complexity posed challenges for smoothly integrating and managing the Admin Portal, which was crucial for tasks such as user and asset management, analytics, tracking history, and generating reports.

Data migration and technology upgrade

Integrating two separate projects, each with its own database, proved to be a difficult task. Transferring data into a single, cohesive database and upgrading the technology stack from .NET Core 3 and Angular 7 to .NET Core 6 and Angular 13 required strategic planning and precise implementation to maintain data accuracy and optimize system efficiency.

Adoption of new technology

The team's unfamiliarity with IONIC technology presented a major challenge in creating the mobile app. To overcome this lack of expertise, we had to quickly learn and adapt to meet the project's requirements and deliver a functional and dependable mobile application.

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Effective time management

Our team implemented strong project management tactics to meet a demanding deadline and cope with the challenges of integrating multiple project elements. We prioritized tasks, allocated resources effectively, and maintained clear lines of communication to ensure all project components were completed within the agreed-upon timeframe.

Proactive documentation

To address the issue of insufficient project documentation, our team took a proactive approach by creating comprehensive documents from the ground up. This helped us better understand the project and provided a blueprint for future developers to navigate its complexities.

Embracing new technologies

Our team faced the challenge of adopting a new and unfamiliar framework, IONIC. But we tackled it head-on by investing in training and knowledge-sharing initiatives. This helped us quickly become proficient in IONIC, meet the project's requirements, and enhance our capability to handle similar technologies in the future. Through dedication and hard work, we turned a potential setback into a valuable opportunity for growth.

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Elevated to the main resource

As a testament to our team's competency, the client has entrusted us with additional development projects. This showcases their trust in our team's expertise and strong leadership skills.

Positive feedback and ongoing relationship

The client's satisfaction was clearly shown by their positive feedback following the completion of the project. The team has maintained strong communication to address further queries, showcasing a dedicated ongoing partnership focused on support and client satisfaction.

High-quality application delivery

Using IONIC technology, our team successfully delivered a top-notch application that met and exceeded the client's expectations.

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