How KIS Helped iCE Angel Implement Legacy Modernization


Health and Fitness


  • Store your medical, insurance and personal data
  • Easily sync your panic button
  • Invite a family member, friend or doctor for emergency


  • PHP

  • Laravel

  • My Sql

  • HTML 5

  • CSS 3

  • JavaScript

About the Client

iCE Angel - ID™ is a global platform providing medical alerts and emergency identification. “iCE” stands for “in case of emergency”. The system allows families to be immediately notified in case of emergencies via multiple channels and platforms. It also provides access to important information such as location, medical history, and insurance details.


Legacy system integration and modernization

Our client had previously worked with another team that used outdated design and technology. We were tasked with integrating their existing systems while upgrading to modern standards. This required a deep understanding of both old and new tech paradigms, making the transition complex and challenging.

Lack of standardization in development

The existing application had inconsistent coding and a disorganized structure, making it difficult to maintain and enhance the code. To improve this, we completely overhauled our coding practices to align with industry standards. The user interface and overall user experience were outdated and did not meet current market expectations.

Changing requirements and localization

In the middle of the project, our client requested that the app be customized for the Chinese market. This involved localizing the language and adhering to specific digital protocols and regulations in China. It was a difficult task as we were not familiar with the language and local tech standards.

ice angel-ID


Strategic design and development approach

We decided to take a step-by-step approach to tackle the difficulties of integrating and updating our current application. First, we developed wireframes and refined them into a design prototype for the client's approval. This ensured that our design aligned with requirements and minimized the need for rework. With this systematic process, we were able to smoothly transition to implementing the user interface and move on to subsequent development phases in a structured manner, with client approval every step of the way.

Project management and collaboration enhancement

After realizing the limitations of using Excel sheets to track tasks and issues, we opted to use project management tools such as Jira or Trello. These tools allowed us to better define and track tasks, improving collaboration and project management and leading to a more organized and transparent workflow.

User experience and codebase modernization

To improve the user experience of our application, we integrated the latest UX trends and implemented the MVVM coding pattern. This upgraded user interface and standardized code structure made it easier to read, maintain, and understand for future development efforts, solving our initial problems of inconsistent code and outdated user experience.

ice angel-ID


Positive feedback and continuous engagement

After successfully completing the project, our team received positive feedback and an invitation for ongoing collaboration from the client. They also requested annual app updates to stay current with new iOS and Android releases, demonstrating their satisfaction with our work and trust in our capabilities.

High-quality application delivery

Our team delivered exceptional applications using various technologies, such as Native iOS, Android, and React Native. This diverse approach to development ensured that the apps met the high standards set by the client and the end-users.

Successful launch and user adoption

After launching in English and Chinese, these applications have gained impressive popularity, with over 10,000 downloads.

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