How KIS Streamlined Myavana's Approach to Digital Hair Care


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  • Personalised healthy hair profile
  • Investigate & evaluate hair care recommendations
  • Provide personalised hair care capabilities for every female
  • Access to client's hair insights anytime


  • React Native

  • JavaScript

  • ASP .net

  • Azure

  • SQL Server

About the Client

Myavana is an innovative hair care platform that combines artificial intelligence and expert insights to deliver personalized recommendations. Using individual assessments of your hair type and texture, Myavana suggests the best products and styling techniques for your unique needs. With a customized hair care journey, Myavana supports and guides women every step of the way.


Difficulty in managing hair profile history

The hair profile tracking system had a bug that made it challenging for customer service to access previous versions of a customer's profile after making updates. This caused a lot of problems with record-keeping. The system could not store or retrieve past versions of the hair profile, leaving no way to view or revert to earlier information once an update was made.

Integration issues between admin and salon portals

Initially, the system had two distinct portals - one for administrative purposes and one specifically for the salon. Each portal contained its individual database. Any changes made to a product in one database required manual replication in the other, leading to a tedious and error-prone synchronization process. This resulted in discrepancies within product data, which had a negative impact on inventory management and overall customer experience.

Server and API issues

Integrating API services onto the server proved to be a difficult task due to the existing NGINX server setup not being compatible with .NET applications. The mismatch between APIs often caused problems, as even small changes required all APIs to be republished on the server. This lengthy and risky process resulted in errors and system downtime, significantly affecting reliability and efficiency.

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Implementing Twilio for live video conferencing

To improve communication between customers and hair analysts, we integrated Twilio services to enable live video conferences. This enabled real-time consultation, allowing hair analysts to provide personalized advice and support for customers. As a result, the customer service experience also improved.

Database merging for admin and salon portals

To address the inefficiency and redundancy in managing product information, we suggested merging the databases of the admin and salon portals. We combined similar product-related tables in both databases to streamline data management, eliminate manual updates across multiple systems, and increase operational efficiency.

Adoption of microservices using Ocelot Gateway

To address the challenges surrounding server and API service publishing, we implemented a microservices architecture with the help of Ocelot Gateway. This allowed each service to function independently, eliminating the need to redeploy all services when changes were made. This enhanced the system's ability to scale, adapt, and be managed efficiently. We also implemented an Amazon Web Services (AWS) S3 bucket for scalability and improved image storage and management.

Transitioning to Azure DevOps for task management

To improve our project management efficiency, we moved away from using Google Sheets to track tasks and issues. After considering different options, we chose Azure DevOps to better organize and track new tasks, bugs, and project progress.

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Web application with growing user base

This web application has been in operation for three years and has successfully gained and maintained a significant number of users, with thousands currently active. Its popularity and continued growth are a testament to its reliability, ease of use, and valuable services.

Continuous improvement of digital platforms

Our team is responsible for managing live portals for various user groups, such as administrators and customers, along with mobile applications to ensure smooth operation and user satisfaction. We prioritize both maintenance and innovation, regularly developing and implementing new features based on client feedback and market trends to meet the changing needs of our users.

Successful mobile app development and launch

Our mobile app, created and developed from the ground up, has exceeded 1,000 downloads with positive user feedback. This successful launch is a testament to the app's popularity and ability to meet user needs. The development process, from ideation to its release in the market, showcases our team's proficiency in delivering reliable digital solutions that align with user expectations.

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