How KIS Helped Ask Mom Overcome API Limitations




  • Location Tracking
  • Category base restaurant search
  • Advanced restaurant pricing and location filter
  • See all information about local eatery


  • iOS

  • Android

  • Swift

  • Java

About the Client

'Ask Mom' is a user-friendly food app that provides personalized restaurant recommendations, much like seeking advice from a mother. Users can indicate the type of meal they are looking for - a casual outing, a work meeting, or a special occasion. 'Ask Mom' will suggest nearby eateries that match their preferences. This service is designed to make selecting a dining location easy and hassle-free, using location-based technology to offer customized suggestions.


Integrating occasion-based information display

The main challenge was displaying restaurant information near the client's location based on specific occasions, such as birthdays, anniversaries, or business meetings. Unfortunately, the Google Places search API did not cater to this requirement, and a more sophisticated solution was needed beyond the capabilities of the standard API. The development team had to come up with innovative ways to integrate and showcase occasion-specific restaurant details efficiently.

Implementing custom filters

The clients asked for a unique set of filters to enhance restaurant search results, which was difficult as these filters were not compatible with the current Google APIs. To meet their requirements for precise and personalized restaurant information display, we had to create a custom solution that connected the existing Google API features with the client's specific demands.



Adapting to API constraints

We advised the clients to use a specific list of keywords provided by Google's API to address the compatibility issue with Google Places API. With these keyword choices, we could effectively classify various types of events. This approach integrated the client's requirements with the API's technical features, guaranteeing accurate sorting and display of restaurant details according to designated occasions.

Developing custom logic for advanced filtering

Due to the client's strong preference for certain filters that were not compatible with Google APIs, the team created a unique logic layer on top of the Google API system to handle and refine restaurant data based on the client's requirements. With this customized filtering solution, the development team fulfilled the client's requests, guaranteeing a personalized and meaningful user experience.



End-to-end project execution

The team effortlessly navigated every stage of the app's lifecycle, from initial design to testing and launch. Our comprehensive approach resulted in a cohesive and fully customized end product that perfectly met the client's requirements and market demands.

Market success

The app has successfully served iOS and Android users for over a year, attracting a large base of happy customers. This highlights the app's quality, reliability, and relevance in the market.

Client endorsement and referral

The client was pleased with the product and the team's timely project completion. They also recommended our services to a friend, showcasing trust and confidence that could lead to future projects and partnerships.

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