An asset tracking solution for Automotive Avenues Inc.

UX Design   |   Wireframing   |   Usability   |   ASP.NET
Vehitrack application helps Automotive Avenues, the leading used cars dealer in Colorado, track its vehicles moving between various offices.
Automotive Avenues approached KIS for the revamp of their primary in-house asset tracking solution ailing with multiple design shortcomings. We conjured our creative forces to chalk-out the new designs. The goal was to make the app simple and well organized. We took the bland original Vehitrack app and turned it into a version that oozed flamboyance, abstraction and intelligence. The outcome was a solution par-excellence, which swept the Vehitrack users off their feet.

What Our Customers are Saying

People at KIS are consummate professionals and bring immense creativity and timeliness to our project. They are a much valued partner for us.

Robert Seeley Director of Operation, Automotive Avenues Read more customer stories >>