Theory Crew

Website for Public Relations and Creative Communications Agency

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Theory Crew is a full-service Public Relations and Marketing Communications agency working with Australian businesses.
Theory Crew approached KIS with the sole intent of creating a captivating branding experience for their customers in the form of a website. Theory Crew wanted a website that would assert the company's strengths. Some common challenges that were tackled by KIS included:-
  • The website would have multiple categories including industry news and event planning sections.
  • The website would have to automatically manage the articles in each section to display them in a highlighted area.
  • The website had to manage the uploading of images into multiple areas of differing dimensions.
  • The website design had to be mobile-ready and engaging yet simple.

What Our Customers are Saying

KIS delivered a website which gave our customers an exceptional experience of our online presence. Simply blue-chip!

Felicity Grey Managing Director, Theory Crew Read more customer stories >>