A Comprehensive Test-Data Management Suite by Mosaic Technologies, Australia

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Test-Director is an end-to-end Test-Data Management software by Mosaic Technologies, a Document Solutions company based out of Queensland, Australia. Test-Director is used by businesses to generate synthesized test data and obscure sensitive data from prying eyes in a production environment.
Mosaic Technoligies, AUS approached KIS with a requirement to design, prototype and develop an end-to-end test data management suite. Here is a list of major product functions that the Test-Director application sports which were incorporated into the product design :-
  • Generation of Constructed/Synthesized Test-Data as well as irreversibly obscuring of production data using various masking and test-data generation techniques.
  • Sub-setting and re-modeling of existing data through customizable rules and configurable database schemas.
  • Providing compatibility with variety of relational data-sources [SQL-Server, Oracle, DB2, MySQL] and formats [CSV, XML, JSON] .
  • Establishing a common, version aware platform for management of sensitive as well as synthesized data for different business domains and statutory compliances such as PCI and ISO 27001.
  • An intuitive UI which is easily adoptable by the end-users.

What Our Customers are Saying


KIS delivered a complex product on a tight schedule without compromising on the quality. Little expensive, yes, but totally worth it.


Arunava Chatterjee Director, Mosaic Technologies Read more customer stories >>