Outsource your PHP application development to us without the hassles

If you need PHP development services for your custom application or website, then we can be your remote team. We are a proactive team of experienced design and coding professionals who like to work passionately on projects outsourced to us. With our clear communication, and implementation just as you want it to be, you will feel that we are working right next door for you.

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Our PHP Development Services

Custom PHP Development

We gather your requirements for custom PHP development and go right to the drawing board to come up with an itemized plan with delivery timelines and costs that won’t break your budgets.

Cake PHP Development

Outsource your Cake PHP development to us for perfect delivery of your solution created in this open-source web, rapid development framework that makes building web applications quicker and simpler.

PHP/MySQL Development

Ask us to create an unbelievably productive custom PHP/MySQL solution developed for your database site with elite.

E-commerce Development

We create custom eCommerce websites in PHP technologies specific to your requirements without the need of adding expensive plugins and if you need code-customization going beyond existing available plugins, we’ve got you covered.

Laravel Development

Laravel has fast become the most popular opensource framework for developing web applications & web services using the MVC architecture. We can create or modify your website or application precisely as required in the Laravel framework.

Open Source Solutions

Save on time and costs on open source development in frameworks including Wordpress, Magento, Drupal, Joomla and other open source technologies for your PHP web applications and websites.

Real Clients,Real Impact

Our clients' testimonials at KIS speak volumes about our commitment to providing top-notch software development services.