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Things We do

iPhone & iPad App Development

We use Objective C and Swift to build robust and classy iPhone apps that please the eye and enthrall the users.

Android App Development

KIS has been at the forefront of Android development since its inception. We have built numerous android apps which feature on the Google Play Store.

UX Design

KIS is a pioneer when it comes to Graphics and Web Designing. We have masterful photoshop illustrator & logo designers at our disposal

Hybrid App Development

Using hybrid frameworks such as Ionic and PhoneGap, we have helped customers save thousands of dollars without compromising on speed or quality.

HTML5/ Responsive Design

Most of the mobile ready websites designed by us are empowered by HTML5, CSS3 and SASS and are fully responsive out of the box.

Key Features of Mobile



Simplicity is essential for high-performing apps, with UI/UX design being crucial for attracting users. Simple UIs, especially in login-free apps, effectively captivate audience attention.


Best performance

Optimal app performance relies on swift loading and robust security; prioritize high loading speeds across devices and ensure top-tier security to earn user trust and loyalty.


Different modes of work

Mobile apps operate either offline or online, each catering to distinct user traffic, allowing users to switch between modes based on network conditions.



Users can customize their app UI according to their preferences, with mobile apps offering extensive customization akin to web applications.



A prominent aspect of mobile app development includes pop-up notifications, which prominently display new messages or updates, aiding users in remembering new features or messages.



A mobile app serves as an expansive avenue for effortlessly marketing your business, with many apps generating ads that enhance branding for specific businesses.


Regular Updates

Mobile apps consistently receive updates aimed at enhancing existing features and introducing new ones, thereby motivating users to engage with the application more frequently.


Real-time uses

Mobile apps gain popularity due to their efficacy in real-time tasks, with games and chat apps fostering heightened user engagement.

Real Clients,Real Impact

Our clients' testimonials at KIS speak volumes about our commitment to providing top-notch software development services.